Turkey to grant $210M to rural development


Turkey will grant a total of 841 million Turkish liras ($210 million) to rural development, Food, Agriculture and Livestock Minister Ahmet Esref Fakibaba said on Wednesday.

Fakibaba said in a written statement that the ministry had included a total of 2,723 projects in the program.

He added the program ensured the protection of natural resources and environment, the increase of income levels in rural areas, agricultural production, the enhancement of agricultural marketing and the strengthening of food security.

Fakibaba said a total of 3.4 billion Turkish liras ($851million) had been granted to rural development since 2006 and provided jobs for 68,000 people.

“Without rural development, the country’s development is not possible. In accordance with this understanding, our support to our producers and to the sector will increasingly continue to ensure our development in the rural area,” he added.